Last season: 49-64, fifth in Central, 16 1/2 games out.

Impostor Roster: Right-hander Luis DeLeon, who once pitched for St. Louis and San Diego but hasn't been in professional baseball since 1990, was 3-0 with a 0.50 ERA in his first 18 innings this spring. Outfielder Kinnis Pledger, who hit .283 in 69 games at Class AAA Iowa last season, could be the top slugger.

Ticket prices: Tickets are 50 percent off until May 3, regardless of whether the strike has ended. After that, prices will be lowered if there is no settlement.

TV-Radio: 162 games on TV and radio.

Post-strike concerns: The Cubs have a new president in Andy MacPhail, a new general manager in Ed Lynch and a new manager in Jim Riggleman. They need to re-sign first baseman Mark Grace and find a healthy and effective pitching staff. The lineup still suffers without retired second baseman Ryne Sandberg.


Last Season: 66-48, 1st in Central, 1/2 game ahead.

Impostor Roster: Barbaro Garbey, 38, who can't run and has limited mobility, is the first baseman. The most widely recognized name is Motorboat Jones, an outfielder who never spent a full season in Class AA in seven minor league seasons. Rick Reed, 31, who has played for Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Texas, and went 8-14 with a 4.45 ERA, is the ace of the staff.

Ticket Prices: Owner Marge Schott is keeping the same prices ($11.50-$3.50).

TV-Radio: 53 games on regular TV, another 36 on cable. All games on radio.

Post-strike concerns: Can Ron Gant recover fully from a severely broken leg and replace Kevin Mitchell (signed with a Japanese team) as the cleanup hitter? Will Pete Smith be able to shore up a rotation that lost Tom Browning and Erik Hanson to free agency? Will manager Davey Johnson, a harsh critic of replacement baseball, resent being forced to manage strikebreakers?


Last Season: 53-64, 3rd in West, 6 1/2 games out.

Impostor Roster: Randy Snyder and Gary Resetar, both out of baseball in 1994, will share catching duties. Sam Ferretti, who unloaded trucks and appeared in the movie ``Major League II,'' is the second baseman. Outfield includes career minor-leaguer Alan Cockrell and ex-Cubs center fielder Ced Landrum.

Ticket Prices: 50 cents-$13 at Coors Field, reduced from $1-$26.

TV-Radio: 92 games on TV, 162 on radio.

Post-Strike Concerns: Right fielder Dante Bichette and third baseman Charlie Hayes are unsigned. Starting pitcher Armando Reynoso (elbow) and center fielder Ellis Burks (wrist) had off-season surgery. There is no left-handed power hitter in the lineup. The team is still searching for a quality No. 1 starting pitcher and a consistent closer.


Last season: 51-64, 5th in east, 23 1/2 games out.

Impostor Roster: Florida hosts the first replacement game that counts on Sunday night, April 2, against the New York Mets. The outfield could include two former sluggers. Mike Fuentes, 36, was an NCAA home run champion at Florida State and college player of the year in 1981. Rick Lancellotti, 38, has 276 career homers in the minor leagues. Darryl Vice, who was teaching high school economics in early March, could be the starting shortstop.

Tickets: Half-price. Range is 75 cents to $10.

TV-Radio: About 115 games on TV, same as last season. All games on radio.

Post-strike concerns: The Marlins will use a rookie catcher, former first-round draft pick Charles Johnson. They need a No. 1 starter and have sought Montreal's Ken Hill. The health of stopper Bryan Harvey is a question mark.


Last season: 66-49, 2nd in Central, 1/2 game back.

Impostor Roster: First baseman Jeff Baldwin, second baseman Dave Rohde and shortstop Juan Guerrero are former Astros. Craig McMurtry, also a former major leaguer, was an All-Star last season at Class AAA Tucson. He would likely be the opening day starter if he decides to play.

Ticket prices: For first 10 games, half price ($2-$8.50).

TV-Radio: KTXH-TV does not plan to televise replacement games. HSE Cable will televise 57 games, about the same as last year. All games on radio.

Post-strike concerns: Fans may need a program to identify the Astros even after the strike is over. First baseman Jeff Bagwell and second baseman Craig Biggio likely will be the only returning starters from last year's opening day. The big question is at third base, where Phil Nevin will be given a chance to replace Ken Caminiti, who was traded to San Diego.


Last Season: 58-56, 1st in West, 3 1/2 games up.

Impostor Roster: The Dodgers have used all minor leaguers this spring, and it is uncertain how many will agree to play in regular season games. Position players Jay Kirkpatrick, Edwin Alicia, Mike Busch and Chris Latham and pitchers Tom McCarthy, Rafael Montalvo and Wayne Edwards have played well.

Ticket Prices: First homestand reduced to $1.50-$5.50. Last season: $6-$15. Refunds available homestand-to-homestand for season ticket holders.

TV-Radio: 47 games on television. 162 on radio.

Post-Strike Concerns: Starting pitcher Ramon Martinez and outfielder Brett Butler are unsigned. The only returnees from the starting pitching staff are Martinez, assuming he can be signed, knuckleballer Tom Candiotti and Pedro Astacio. Possible contenders for other starting spots include former Japanese star Hideo Nomo and 21-year-old Korean Chan Ho Park.


Last Season: 74-40, 1st in East, 6 games up.

Impostor Roster: Because the Expos are based in Canada, they are not covered by U.S. laws forbidding the use of foreigners as replacement players. Montreal has 13 players from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and St. Croix. Former major leaguers include middle infielder Gus Polidor, a former California Angels shortstop, and catcher Bert Heffernan, who played for Seattle in 1992.

Ticket Prices: Half-price in April ($3-$13 Canadian), even if the strike is settled. Half-price for all replacement games after that.

TV-Radio: 52 games on TV (32 on regular, 20 cable). 162 on radio.

Post-strike Concerns: Right fielder Larry Walker, who hit .322 with 19 homers and 86 RBIs, is an unsigned free agent who figures to sign elsewhere when the strike is settled. The 40-man roster includes 39 unsigned players _ everyone except catcher Darrin Fletcher.


Last Season: 55-58, 3rd in East, 18 1/2 out.

Impostor Roster: Herm Winningham, Stan Jefferson and Lou Thornton make up an outfield of former major leaguers. Kevin Hickey, last seen catering parties at Camden Yards, is a starting pitcher. Shortstop Tom Allison usually works in the team's scouting department. Pitcher Alex Coghan, who last played professionally in 1979, usually drives a truck and delivers appliances in New York.

Ticket Prices: Prices are cut two-thirds to $2-$5 (last season: $6.50-$15), but customers must pay full price up front before mailing in for a rebate.

TV-Radio: All games on TV (84 on regular TV, 78 on cable) and radio.

Post-strike Concerns: Dwight Gooden is suspended for the entire season, closer John Franco is an unsigned free agent; first baseman Rico Brogna, who joined the team in the middle of the season, was the only player to hit over .300 (.351).


Last Season: 54-61, 4th in East, 20 1/2 games out.

Impostor Roster: Former Phillie Jeff Stone, on leave from his job at an Arkansas steel mill, still has some speed in center. Andrew Albrecht, a financial consultant for Merrill Lynch, also will start in the outfield. Pitchers include former major leaguers Marty Bystrom and George Riley.

Ticket Prices: For the first 20 games _ regardless of who plays _ most seats will be reduced by $5.

TV-Radio: All games are on local, national or cable television. All games on radio.

Post-Strike Concerns: Having failed to turn third baseman Dave Hollins into an outfielder last season, the Phillies will try him at first base this year. They haven't finished experimenting in the outfield either. Former Cardinal and Mets infielder Gregg Jefferies is being converted into a left fielder.


Last Season: 53-61, tied for 3rd in Central, 13 games out.

Impostor Roster: Ted Williams _ no, not that Ted _ may bat ahead of Tommy Mitchell, brother of Kevin. First basemen Terry Lee, an ex-Red, and Boi Rodriguez likely will earn minor-league contracts when the strike ends. When it does, infielder Wayne Busby will return to his bakery job just up the street from McKechnie Field in Bradenton, Fla.

Ticket Prices: $1-$7 (last season: $2.50-$14) guaranteed for at least 20 games, even if the strike ends.

TV-Radio: 11 games on regular TV, 81 on cable. All on radio.

Post-Strike Concerns: The future of the money-losing franchise is still in doubt. The team has been for sale since August. On the field, there is no closer and very little power. All-Star second baseman Carlos Garcia is rehabilitating an injured knee. The four-man rotation is inexperienced.


Last Season: 53-61, tied for 3rd in Central, 13 games out.

Impostor Roster: Second baseman Ty Griffin, the Cubs' No. 1 draft pick in 1988, played in the Northern League the past two seasons. Top pitcher Mike Hinkle played in Italy in 1993 but was an investment consultant last year.

Ticket Prices: $2.50-$7 (last season: $5-$14). Season ticket holders can exchange tickets for coupons that can be applied for 1996 renewals.

TV-Radio: No games on television. 140 games on radio.

Post-Strike Concerns: Someone has to replace Gregg Jefferies, who signed a free-agent deal with Philadelphia. Third baseman Todd Zeile could move to first, depending on who else the Cardinals acquire. Outfielder and former NFL defensive back Brian Jordan is on trial with his first starting job. This is the last year of artificial turf at Busch Stadium. A grass field will be installed for the 1996 season.


Last Season: 47-70, 4th in West, 12 1/2 games out.

Impostor Roster: Pitchers Dan Boone, 41, and Rick Lysander, 42, had brief major league careers. Eddie Dixon, 30, came over from the scouting staff. Catcher Jim Campanis is the grandson of former Dodgers executive Al Campanis.

Ticket Prices: $2.50-$5.50 (last season $5-$11).

TV-Radio: KFMB owns both TV and radio rights and hasn't decided whether to broadcast replacement games.

Post-strike concerns: Whether they can retain right-hander Andy Benes, who wants a long-term deal and likely will shop himself around. Third baseman Ken Caminiti, shortstop Andujar Cedeno and center fielder Steve Finley were acquired in a 12-player trade with the Astros after Houston decided to drastically cut its payroll. Can Tony Gwynn flirt with .400 again? When the strike ended the 1994 season, Gwynn was at .394.


Last Season: 55-60, 2nd in West, 3 1/2 games out.

Impostor Roster: Based on early spring training statistics, the replacement Giants have the worst pitching staff in the National League. But they also have three hitters _ Chris Morrow, Mark Bailey and Joel Chimelis _ who were playing well during the exhibition season.

Ticket Prices: $1.50-$9.75 in April (last season: $3-$19.50) regardless of whether the strike is settled. Replacement games after that will be half-price.

TV-Radio: 112 games on television. 162 on radio.

Post-Strike Concerns: Filling the gap in right field left by the drug suspension and release of Darryl Strawberry. Replacing pitchers John Burkett, Bud Black and Trevor Wilson and re-signing pitcher Bill Swift. Finding someone to protect Matt Williams and Barry Bonds in the batting order. Williams had 43 homers and Bonds had 37 last season. Nobody else had more than nine HRs.