LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Calista Flockhart says she's nothing like her character Ally McBeal, but she doesn't mind that some people confuse her with the fancifully neurotic lawyer.

She said she reads it this way: ``I'm making this character so real and believable that they think it's a real person.''

Now in her third season on the hit Fox comedy, Flockhart says she worries about being typecast as the flighty character, but doesn't mind if it's hard for some fans to separate her from Ally.

``If people think that I am Ally and we have identical personalities _ which couldn't be further from the truth _ that is in some way a tremendous compliment,'' she said.

Flockhart is appearing in the stage show ``Bash, Latter Day Plays'' in Los Angeles, appearing in monologues as a murderous chain-smoker and a woman whose boyfriend is a gay-basher.