WASHINGTON (AP) _ A commission chaired by former Presidents Carter and Ford recommends turning Election Day into a federal holiday and says voters challenged by poll workers should be allowed to cast ballots, their validity to be determined later.

The National Commission on Federal Election Reform said states should establish their own statewide systems for voter registration.

The panel expressed concern about doing away with punchcard ballots, the voting system that sparked much of the controversy in last fall's Florida election recount.

The private commission, a project of the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs, began its work earlier this year after disputes over Florida's ballots delayed the nation from knowing the winner of last year's presidential election for 36 days.

The panel's 100-page report is to be released Tuesday. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the executive summary a day early.

According to the summary, eliminating punchcard ballot systems could drive jurisdictions to purchase other voting systems like optical scan machines that might not improve the situation. Optical scan machines are opposed by advocates for the blind and disabled.

``And not all punchcard systems are so bad,'' the summary says.