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PITTSBURGH (AP) _ A program intended to put more police on the streets will be reevaluated after several officers were found spending time at home or sitting in restaurants outside assigned areas, a newspaper reported.

Within the past month, two officers involved in the ``community-oriented policing'' program were at home during work hours, Chief Robert W. McNeilly Jr. told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The officers checked in at the start of the day, then went to an officer's home for the remainder of their shift before checking back in at the end of the day, McNeilly said.

A sergeant and two officers spent hours inside a restaurant outside of their beat, McNeilly said. He added that he did not know how widespread the problem was.

The officers were not fired, but are being disciplined. The sergeant and officers were also suspended for one day. Names of the officers involved are not being released.

McNeilly said the problems in the program make it clear that new measures must be put into place to hold individual officers accountable. He has called for a reorganization of the entire program.

But union officials said the only reason the program is being reorganized is to cover a shortfall of officers on the force.

``We believe the reason they're being put back in the zones is to answer calls. Right now we're short,'' said Gene Grattan, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Fort Pitt Lodge No. 1.