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WASHINGTON (AP) _ During the busy Thanksgiving travel week, police will be looking out for motorists who are not wearing seat belts.

More than 12,000 law enforcement agencies are participating in the stepped up enforcement of seat belt laws.

In the campaign that runs from Monday through Dec. 1, officers will set up checkpoints, increase highway patrols and ticket drivers who do not buckle up or properly restrain children.

The Pentagon is joining the effort this year because men age 18 to 25 make up a large percentage of military personnel and are less likely to buckle their seat belts. The National Safety Council says more military personnel are killed in crashes than in combat and training combined: 321 in traffic accidents, fewer than 250 in training and fighting.

``We don't leave our young servicemen and women on the battlefield, and we shouldn't leave them on the highway either,'' said Gen. James Jones, commandant of the Marine Corps, the branch with the highest death rate.


On the Net: Air Bag & Seat Belt Safety Campaign: http://www.nationalsafetycouncil.org/airbag.htm