LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Moms like Mike in most of the country, but Jose leads the way in California and Texas.

In 1998, the name Jose showed up on more birth certificates than any other boy's name in those two heavily Hispanic states, according to the Social Security Administration. Michael was No. 1 nationwide.

Jose's popularity isn't just the result of growing Hispanic populations, said Edward Callary, editor of the American Name Society's journal. It also reflects a new comfort with ethnicity.

``Thirty years ago, most people would not have given their child an ethnic name,'' Callary said. ``A lot of folks tried to blend in and fold into American society.''

Though Jose led the list for boys in California, the rest of the state's top five were more traditional. In descending order: Daniel, Michael, Anthony and Jacob.

The girls' list lacked a Latina flavor, even in California. The top five: Jessica, Ashley, Emily, Jennifer and Samantha.

Nationally, the favorite boy's names were Michael, Jacob, Matthew, Nicholas and Joshua, based on a sampling of Social Security card applications. Girls were Kaitlyn, Emily, Sarah, Hannah and Ashley.