FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) _ Seven people on a trip from Koyukuk to Galena were feared dead Tuesday after their 22-foot boat was found overturned in the Yukon River, state police said.

Three bodies, all wearing lifejackets, were found Monday, troopers said. The search continued for four other people believed to have been aboard the wooden craft.

''We don't know what they were doing in Koyukuk,'' said troopers spokesman Paul Edscorn.

Troopers 1st Sgt. Mike Metrokin of Fairbanks said the boat left Koyukuk for the 30-mile trip upstream to Galena, about 340 miles northwest of Anchorage, about midnight Sunday. When it did not arrive, a search started and the boat was found Monday between Nulato and Kaltag, downstream from Koyukuk, he said.

The three bodies were pulled from the water later 60 miles downstream from Koyukuk.

Troopers identified those recovered as Bessie Cleaver, 30, Raymond Paul, 35, and Louis Nelson, 32. Also believed to have been aboard were James Demoski, Dafney Evans, Barney Paul and Greg Wholecheese, troopers said. All were from Galena.