SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) _ Want to see President Clinton sweat? Just hook him up to your machine.

A tiny Silicon Valley software company is developing an interactive video game that will allow players to manipulate the president and other White House regulars on their television screens.

''Can we make him laugh? Can we make him cry? Yes we can,'' said Seaver Lasson, the president of 3D Games of Palo Alto. ''We can make him sweat. We can make him run.''

And, Lasson said, ''Bill will be able to play the sax like he's never been able to play before.''

3D Games, with just four employees, is making the Clinton video game for the hot new game technology developed by 3DO Co., of Redwood City.

The first machine using the high-performance movie-like graphics is being built by Panasonic and expected on shelves this fall. The Clinton video game should be out early next year, Lasson said.

Both Clinton's personal and political life will be open to manipulation. So does that mean a game player can have him dating Gennifer Flowers?

''You'll have to wait and see,'' Lasson said. ''There will be controversial moments. Trust me.''

But there are some things even the video operator can't make a president do.

''In terms of making Bill jump out of the window - we're not going to give him that opportunity,'' Lasson said.