NEW YORK (AP) _ President Clinton has authorized the CIA to help topple Yugoslavia's President Slobodan Milosevic, Time magazine reports today.

CIA computer hackers will try to meddle with Milosevic's private financial transactions and electronically siphon funds from his overseas bank accounts, possibly in Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, Russia and China, Time says in its July 5 issue, citing unnamed sources.

The CIA also is trying to deposit cash with opposition organizations in Yugoslavia and recruit dissidents in the Belgrade government and the Yugoslav military.

While NATO airstrikes pounded Serb targets this spring, Clinton signed a secret document giving the CIA the go-ahead to try to oust Milosevic, Time reported.

As part of Clinton's wide-ranging plan to make way for a new leader in Yugoslavia, diplomats, bankers and disk jockeys will mount a propaganda campaign to rival Milosevic's, according to Time. The U.S. Information Service plans to station six radio transmitters on Serbia's border and continuously beam Western news programs into the country.

But so far, the CIA is having trouble locating Milosevic's bank accounts and U.S. radio transmissions are being drowned out by Milosevic's media outlets, Time reported.

U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met in New York City last week with foreign ministers from Britain, France, Germany and Italy to discuss how each country could utilize its links to dissidents in Serbia.

``We are making it quite clear that we don't want to see Milosevic in the future,'' Ms. Albright said.

Time also reported that officials in Washington, D.C., want Pope John Paul II, who was instrumental in ousting the communist regime in Poland, to help push out Milosevic.