TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) _ A gunman shot and killed an Israeli today in a Arab town on the occupied West Bank, Israel radio reported.

A few miles away, another Israeli was seriously wounded by gunfire, the radio said.

The military spokesman's office said it was unable to immediately confirm the reports.

Israel radio said the fatal attack occurred in Tulkharm when Andrei Aloush, a resident of Netanya, entered a jewelry shop. Another man followed him and shot him dead, the radio said.

In the northern West Bank town of Jenin, Uri Ovad, a resident of the Lake Galilee town of Tiberias, was shot and seriously wounded by another gunman who also escaped, the radio said.

The radio said a curfew was imposed on the area around Tulkharm.

Israel seized the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 Six Day War.