SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) _ An 11-year-old girl apparently hanged herself in her bedroom after being raped by her father earlier in the day, police said.

Valerie Charlene Lucie was found dead on Sept. 30. Timothy Lucie, 46, was arraigned Tuesday on charges of rape and sodomy and released Wednesday on $35,000 bond.

Lucie told police he raped the girl in the shower after threatening to cut her hair unless she did what she was told, authorities said.

``It's a case that leaves you numb,'' Sgt. Tom Connellan said.

Lucie recanted after meeting with his lawyer, Raymond Dague, who said Lucie gave the statement only after police told him he failed a lie detector test and threatened to take away his four other children.

The defense attorney said Lucie is wrongly accused, and Lucie's wife does not believe the charges.

``This is a good family. They went through hell losing their daughter, and now that's compounded by these false allegations against the dad,'' Dague said.

The girl left no note, and her death has not officially been ruled a suicide. Lucie came under suspicion after an autopsy revealed physical signs that Valerie had been sexually abused before her death, according to court documents.

Prosecutor William Fitzpatrick has said that evidence indicates there was one assault, and that the girl decided to end her life afterward.

Valerie and her four brothers were home-schooled by their mother.

If convicted, Lucie faces up to 25 years to life on each charge.