SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (AP) _ Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's brother has a movie deal.

The movie will focus on David Kaczynski's decision to turn his brother in to authorities in 1996, solving a series of bombings that killed three people and injured 22.

David Kaczynski and his wife, Linda Patrik, will be consultants on the film, which will be made by Avnet/Kerner Co. of Los Angeles in conjunction with Disney, but they won't be paid for the film rights, said Elizabeth Guber Stephen, executive vice president of Avnet/Kerner.

David Kaczynski, an Albany social worker, got a $1 million federal reward for turning his brother in. After using some of it to pay legal fees and taxes on the reward, he used the rest to set up a fund to distribute about $500,000 to victims of crimes committed by paranoid schizophrenics.

Ted Kaczynski denies he has schizophrenia, but expert witnesses were prepared to testify that he does. Kaczynski pleaded guilty before a trial and was sentenced to life in prison.