BRISBANE, Australia (AP) _ An Australian man was convicted Wednesday of murdering one U.S. sailor and injuring three others in a night club brawl. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Jorai Severo Pangilinan, 22, was found guilty by a jury of killing Kevin Sutton Anderson, 34, an electronics technician aboard the 7th Fleet flagship the USS Blue Ridge, during the fight on Feb. 1, 1998, in Brisbane.

Pangilinan was also convicted of injuring Hilton Owens, Gary Pryer and Darrin Van Johnson, all U.S. seamen involved in the fight.

In court wearing a photograph of her son made into a badge on her jacket, the slain victim's mother, Pat Anderson, yelled ``yes!'' and whooped for joy when the jury handed down its verdict after deliberating for one day.