At least 120,794 people were killed in 11 countries in southern Asia and Africa from Sunday's massive earthquake and tsunami waves, according to official figures. A breakdown of the toll so far:

_ Indonesia: At least 79,940 people were killed on Sumatra island, the government said, though the health minister on Friday said the country's toll could rise to 100,000.

_ Sri Lanka: Some 28,508 killed in government and rebel controlled areas. About 1 million people were displaced.

_ India: The government said 7,368 deaths have been confirmed, but a police official said 8,000 more people were missing and possibly dead in India's remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands, just north of Sumatra.

_ Thailand: The government said 4,541 people died, including 2,230 foreigners.

_ Somalia: At least 200 killed, said Somali presidential spokesman Yusuf Mohamed Ismail.

_ Myanmar: About 90 people were killed, according to reports compiled by international aid agencies.

_ Maldives: At least 69 people confirmed dead.

_ Malaysia: At least 65 people, including an unknown number of foreign tourists, were dead, according to official reports.

_ Tanzania: At least 10 people killed, said Alfred Tibaigana, police commander in Dar es Salaam.

_ Bangladesh: Two killed.

_ Kenya: One killed.