ATLANTA (AP) _ Martina Navratilova, who retired from the WTA Tour last year, hopes to represent the United States in the 1996 Olympics.

``Absolutely, I want to play,'' Navratilova told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ``I am making myself available for Federation Cup play this year so that I'm eligible if I'm good enough.

``I would love to play, and I think I could hold my own.''

Navratilova, 38, was not eligible for the 1992 Olympics because she did not make herself available for the 1991 Federation Cup.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ In the wake of a lawsuit by Jaguar automakers, the Jacksonville Jaguars are changing their logo from a jumping cat to a snarling, slashing feline.

``It's ferocious. We took the strongest elements and brought them to life,'' Jaguars president David Seldin said Thursday.

The new logo is an attempt to defuse a lawsuit filed by Jaguar Cars Ltd., which claimed that the NFL expansion team's logo closely resembled its registered trademark.

``If there is a new logo, it would go a long way toward addressing the issues,'' said Mark Miller of Jaguar Cars Ltd. ``But there are other issues.''

Besides the logo, the key issue is the name, which the automobile manufacturer believes it owns.


NEW YORK (AP) _ Mike Hartman and Ed Olczyk of the New York Rangers will have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup even though they did not play in the required number of games last season.

The Rangers, with the support of the union, asked that the rule be waived in this instance, and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman agreed Thursday.

Players normally get their names on the trophy if they appear in 40 regular-season games or at least one game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Hartman appeared in 35 regular-season games and did not play in the playoffs. Olczyk played 37 regular-season games and one in the playoffs.

Bettman said Rangers president Neil Smith appealed to the league to waive the rule because of the players' ``special, year-long contributions.''

``In addition, players association president Mike Gartner asked the league to re-evaluate the rule,'' Bettman said. ``The appeals made sense, so Mike Hartman and Ed Olczyk can take their place on the Stanley Cup.''


PITTSBURGH (AP) _ Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Gary Anderson, unable to land a new contract despite a six-week training camp holdout, has hired high-profile sports agent Leigh Steinberg.

Anderson's accountant, David B. Good, who represented Anderson in previous negotiations, said Steinberg will handle most of the contract talks. Anderson is a free agent, but as Pittsburgh's transitional player, the Steelers can retain him by matching any offer.

Anderson, 35, turned down a $812,000 contract and asked for a $1 million-a-year deal last summer, but the Steelers refused to renegotiate. He finally relented and reported the week of the final exhibition.

He made $445,000 under the final year of a six-year contract he signed well before kickers began landing million-dollar contracts.