Police: Minors Found in Two Bars

February 27, 2019

LOWELL -- Police say 15 minors were found inside two bars on Sunday -- the Last Safe and Deposit and The Smokehouse Tavern.

According to a press release issued on Tuesday, Lowell detectives discovered the minors during alcohol compliance checks at the establishments.

Police performed checks at the Last Safe & Deposit on Merrimack Street, The Smokehouse Tavern on Middle Street and The Blue Shamrock on Market Street. Police did not find underage customers at The Blue Shamrock, according to a press release.

Police said 12 minors were found inside the Last Safe & Deposit and three minors were found at The Smokehouse Tavern.

Police said only three of the minors, all of whom were at the Smokehouse, were seen with drinks.

Police also noted that one of the underage patrons who was found outside The Smokehouse was arrested for being a minor in possession of alcohol, resisting arrest and hindering an investigation.

“The Lowell Police Department will continue to enforce the alcohol laws and hold establishments accountable for underage patrons,” Police Superintendent Raymond “Kelly” Richardson said in the release.

The detectives’ findings will be forwarded to the Lowell License Commission to determine if there is any follow-up action needed.