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Slain Politician’s Family Marked By Tragedy

September 30, 1994

MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, the ruling party politician assassinated this week, is the third of six siblings to die at the hands of a gunman.

Ruiz Massieu, a member of a prominent Acapulco family and former governor of his home state of Guerrero, was shot in the neck Wednesday after leaving the headquarters of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Two of his brothers, Wilfrido, 22, and Roberto, 18, were shot to death almost 30 years ago in Acapulco by the angry father of a girl one of them had been sleeping with, the newspaper Reforma reported Thursday.

The father, Victor Manuel Corral, went to the boys’ parents to demand that the youth marry his daughter to salvage her reputation.

The parents refused, saying Corral’s daughter was not good enough to marry their son.

Ruiz Massieu’s mother, Maria del Refugio Massieu, then wrote a short story for the local paper about a prostitute called ″The Lady of the Night″ - a story Corral’s family believed to be about their daughter.

Corral was driven to dispair shortly afterward when his own son died. He blamed the death on the scandal and his family’s humiliation.

On Jan. 17, 1965, Corral went to the Ruiz Massieu home to wait for the boys to return from school, and shot them both dead.

Then he went to his son’s grave and shot himself in the head.

Ruiz Massieu is survived by his mother; his father, Armando Ruiz Quintanilla, a doctor; two brothers, Arturo, an accountant, and Mario, deputy attorney general, and sister, Marisela del Carmen, a congresswoman.

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