Letters To The Editor 10/6/2018

October 6, 2018


Monumental task

Editor: My father died in the mines when I was in elementary school. It was a terrible time for my mother and our family.

Now, through the Coal Miners Remembered project, which is spearheaded by Silvia Passeri, the miners of Lackawanna County will be honored with a beautiful monument.

The dedication of the miners monument will take place Sunday at noon at the Blakely Borough Recreational Complex.

Special thanks are due to wonderful and hardworking committee members who have worked tirelessly for two years to raise the funds that were needed to erect this beautiful sculpture. Special thanks go to officials from the state and Lackawanna County, the Anthracite Heritage Museum, Jeff Parise of Monuments by Parise, Tom Wascura and Chris Paine and their hardworking crew, Blakely Mayor Jeanette Acciare-Mariani and Joe Ercolani Jr. for all of their support and to others who helped to make this project such a tremendous success.

When a group of hardworking people decides to make something happen, nothing can stop them. Thank you, one and all.

We continue to accept donations as names will be added, in the future, to the monument. Write to Silvia Passeri at Coal Miners Remembered, 1234 Main St., Peckville, Pennsylvania 18452.



Something is done

Editor: A “Something should be done” photo was published in the Sept. 16 Sunday Times and depicted a severely neglected property at Cedar Avenue and Maple Street in South Scranton.

As president of the South Scranton Neighborhood Association I address what is being done in South Side by our group. The association consistently works to improve South Side by fighting blight in our neighborhood. Volunteers have stepped up to the plate and cleaned up deteriorated properties and empty lots. We assist homeowners who need help with shoveling walks in winter or mowing lawns in summer. Neighbors around Connors Park have banded together and adopted this park. It is likely one of the best-kept parks in our city. Volunteers recently tidied up five neglected areas in our neighborhood. The group has a plan to complete eight cleanup projects by the end of the fall.

Please do not share just one side of a story, especially the negative side. There are a lot of helpful and forward-thinking neighbors, creative projects and awesome events, like our four-season farmers market, happening in South Side and we are happy to tell you all about them. We admit that blight is a problem and we have an obligation to combat it as a neighborhood. We face these issues in a positive, proactive manner. Stop by; we are always happy to welcome new neighbors.





Grand finale

Editor: The Steamtown Marathon will be held today and for the last four years my family and I have done “the last man standing” vigil, where we wait, no matter how long it takes, for the last runner to cross the finish line.

We cheer on the final runner like the winner. Sometimes, the final runner finishes with often just the runner’s spouse there and the race crew taking down the stands. Our little group presents the final finisher with our own medal, which simply says, “courage.”

I urge anyone who wants to see true grit and determination come and join us at the finish line on North Washington Avenue at Courthouse Square and witness it. I don’t think any participants would be disappointed. Look for our sign and help us cheer on . . . the last runner standing.




Firefighters praised

Editor: The Cooper family would like to commend members of the Scranton Fire Department for their quick response to the ceiling fire in our restaurant in September.

Within minutes, they had the fire out and were moving smoke out of the building. This was all done with amazing speed and minimal damage to our property.

We are blown away by how fast and efficient the Fire Department is.

Firefighters saved our building from what surely would have been a devastating fire.





GOP grown-ups

Editor: It is amazing how much Democrats and liberals love abortion.

The Brett Kavanaugh hearings for the Supreme Court and the nonsense that ensued is about the left’s fear of Roe v. Wade being overturned. Sadly, I believe that even with a conservative Supreme Court, that will never happen

What is their passion for this barbaric procedure? I just don’t get it. If they believe in science, there is one question they should answer. What is scientifically proven and not based on theories: Life begins at conception or man has caused climate change?

There is only one answer.

I credit the left for a means to an end. The end game means everything to them whether it’s destroying honorable people or deligitimizing a sitting president. It just doesn’t matter as long as they can snuggle up to abortion.

I beg Democrats to examine their political consciences and look at the behavior of their party. Is this really the way you want to proceed in the future? As a Lackawanna County resident, I am amazed at the number of registered Democrats.

Ask yourselves: Are you for lower taxes? Are you for protecting our borders and not just a free-for-all? Are you for a strong defense?  Do you respect all human life? Do you believe in freedom of religion or freedom from religion? Do you believe plastic straws are a great threat?

All it takes is more than half of a brain or half of a heart to realize the complete failure of the Democratic Party and its policies. It’s not too late to join the adults in the room and register Republican.



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