We have never been a Christian nation -- Art Naebig

December 28, 2018

The United States is not, and was never meant to be, a Christian country.

Anyone who thinks that must be basing their opinion on what they learned in Sunday school. Anyone who has actually studied history, including the Founding Fathers of this nation, would realize what a catastrophe that would be. They knew in Europe that hundreds of thousands of Christians were killed by other Christians because of a disagreement about which interpretation of the Bible was correct.

When Christians came to this continent, besides robbing and killing the Native Americans, they also enslaved them. Who do you think built all those pretty adobe churches in Mexico and the southwestern United States? The English, who came here and established churches in the East burned “witches” and hanged members of the “wrong” Christian sect whom they managed to discover. When the Civil War was fought, most religious leaders in the South held up the Bible as proof that slavery was OK with God, and they could point to chapter and verse to prove it.

Some people think all we need is the Bible. Unfortunately, you can find justification in the Bible for almost any kind of cruelty.

Art Naebig, La Valle

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