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AM-Prep: Kickers

September 24, 2018


HOUSTON (AP) — Heard about the contraband that almost made it into a Texas prison?

It’s bananas.

Really, it’s bananas.

Corrections authorities in Houston say two pallets of bananas were donated to a Texas prison because they were already ripe. Not only ripe but rife — with cocaine. The department says when sergeants arrived to pick up the boxes, they found bundles of a white powdery substance under some of them. It was cocaine. Of the 45 boxes of bananas, there were 540 bags of the stuff — worth nearly $18 million. The Feds and U.S. Customs officials are investigating.


ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Oh, what a tangled web we weave — when there are so many insects around. It may not be poetry — but it’s reality for a bunch of intrepid spiders in Greece. In the western town of Aitoliko, spiders have gotten started on a massive web. Thousands of the anchariids have pumped out webs so large, they’ve shrouded coastal trees, buses and low-lying vegetation. Bug experts tell local media the web that has gotten world wide attention was created after the spiders’ sense told them the number of lake flies has skyrocketed because of weather conditions. And rather than let a feast like that go by, they’ve created the webs to catch the flies for future dining.


HYDRO, Okla. (AP) — It’s a touching tribute to a former NASA astronaut. But even the subject would have to admit — it’s rather corny, too. There is an image of Thomas P. Stafford cut into a 10-acre corn field in Hydro, Oklahoma, located about 60 miles west of Oklahoma City. The maze was done in partnership with the Stafford Air and Space Museum, which is named for the former space explorer. And since Stafford got so see some awesome views from space, it’s only fair that his tribute can be seen from space. The image can be seen from high above — and has even been photographed by a satellite orbiting about 400 miles from Earth.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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