Greenwich Education Group donates funds to Stamford-based REACH Prep

July 31, 2018

STAMFORD — The Greenwich Education Group has donated $3,500 to Stamford-based REACH Prep, an organization which helps Black and Latino students from underserved communities get into and thrive in independent schools.

The funds were a result of Greenwich Education Group’s ninth annual Private Day and Boarding School Fair on May 15, where over 100 independent schools from across the United States and Canada paid for booths visited by local families and students.

Each year, Greenwich Education Group (GEG) donates proceeds from the event to local non-profits. Past recipients include Greenwich Parks and Recreation for scholarships for underserved children to attend camp, as well as the Greenwich Alliance, according to Victoria Newman, founder and executive director of the Greenwich Education Group.

“This year, we decided to give 50 percent of (our proceeds) to REACH Prep because we have worked over the years with REACH, providing tutoring and test prep at affordable levels,” Newman said. “It’s an amazing organization. We love their program, we like their mission, we like that they help underserved kids. It’s such an important part of who we are as a company and our values.”

Newman said GEG also provides discounted tutoring services to REACH Prep scholars. Stamford-based GEG also offers their Greenwich office for REACH Prep use if necessary.

“It helps REACH help the student success,” Newman said. “The end game is a win-win. If we get asked to do something where they are in need of somebody with our teaching expertise, we jump right in.”

The school fair is part of GEG’s educational consulting services. The group assists in boarding and private school placement and the chance to find a school that is the best fit for the student, whether they’re looking for a STEM-focused curriculum, or a drama program or other criteria.

“Parents come with their kids because a lot of schools end in eighth grade and the kids need a high school,” Newman said. “This is an incredible opportunity for parents and students to meet admissions directors and talk to them and figure out what they’re all about. It’s something we do for the community...It gets on our mission of finding the best fit school.”

GEG operates several Stamford-based schools, including Links Academy, The Pinnacle school and The Spite School.

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