Letter to the editor: ‘Fake news’ hilarity

September 8, 2018

I find it hilarious that a group of newspapers chose to band together and try to convince us that they’re not biased in their coverage of President Trump (“We are not fake news,” Aug. 16, TribLIVE). So tell us, is he an evil genius manipulating the populace? Or do you think the American people have had enough of your drivel?

You obviously believe we are that naive or stupid. Not one of the editorials I read took responsibility for the media’s part in this feud. Your insecurity on this subject, and your failure in covering the Greensburg-Hempfield Area Library referendum, has spoken louder than any words you can use to convince me that you care more about your craft than you do about money.

In regard to “We ask tough questions of government officials so you know where and how your tax dollars are spent”: Really? Is that why Greensburg residents are paying for Hempfield to use the library? Stewards of our tax dollars indeed.

David Goughnour


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