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Fraternity Testing Alcohol Level Of Partygoers

September 28, 1987

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ A college fraternity facing drunken driving charges against several of its members is requiring people to pass Breathalyzer tests before driving home from its parties.

″We thought it’s just a matter of time before something else happens, and we wanted to avoid it,″ said Jim Spencer, president of the Delta Sigma Pi professional fraternity at Indiana University-Purdue University.

Spencer said his group decided to impose the policy after a few members were charged with driving while intoxicated after leaving parties. A few also had been involved in alcohol-related traffic accidents.

The fraternity bought a Breathalyzer device for $119 earlier this month and have already used it at one party.

″No one really seemed to object to it,″ Spencer said. ″They didn’t give too much resistance. I think they understood what we were doing was for their protection and for the protection of others on the road.″

Under the fraternity’s new policy, partygoers are asked to give up their car keys when they arrive. To get the keys back, they must pass the breath tests when they are ready to leave.

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