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Suspected Coup Planner Arrested at Ethiopian Diplomat’s House

September 29, 1985

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) _ Authorities have arrested 163 military men and civilians after last week’s foiled coup attempt, a government newspaper reported Sunday.

The daily el-Sahafa also said Philip Abbas Gaboush, a veteran politician from the southwestern Sudanese Nuba tribe suspected of masterminding the abortive coup, had surrendered.

The official Sudan News Agency said Gaboush and six of his followers were arrested Friday. The agency said Gaboush had been hiding in the residence of an African diplomat, identified as a secretary in the Ethiopian Embassy by well informed sources who declined to be named.

On Friday, Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Osman Abdallah was quoted as saying that the attempted takeover was planned by a politician ″known for his ethnic and regional extremism.″ Government sources said he referred to Gaboush.

On Saturday, Prime Minister el-Gazouly Dafaallah said armed men infiltrated the capital before being caught Thursday and Friday.

The abortive coup is believed to have involved rebels seeking autonomy and political and economic reforms for the predominantly black and non-Moslem southern Sudan.

El-Sahafa quoted Abdallah as saying the plotters’ assassination targets included Sadek el-Mahdy, head of the nationalist Umma Party; Hassan Turabi, head of the fundamentalist Moslem Brotherhood; and el-Sherif Zein el-Abidin, head of the rightist Democratic Unionists.

Dafaallah said members of the mainly Arab, Moslem Khartoum government also were targeted for assassination.

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