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NBA Eyes Mavs Skit for Demeaning Material

April 28, 2004

The NBA is reviewing a pre-game skit by the Dallas Mavericks to determine if it was demeaning to the Sacramento Kings.

Among the vignettes was a cartoon depicting Kings guard Doug Christie being led on a leash tugged by his wife, and one of forward Chris Webber being showered with money at the University of Michigan.

The skits were used Saturday before Game 3 of the best-of-seven series.

``I got a report late in the day today. All I can tell you right now is we’re going to be looking into it,″ said NBA deputy commissioner Russ Granik, who was attending the Miami Heat-New Orleans Hornets game Tuesday night.

``It sounded to me like some of that may have crossed the line, but I don’t want to prejudge it until I get a full report in the next day or so.″

Granik said there are rules about not demeaning members of the other team.

``There are fairly stiff fines for violating those rules,″ he said.

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