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Defendant Seen at Theater, Supports Prosecution’s Theory

June 21, 1989

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ Two witnesses testified today that they saw the man accused of killing Prime Minister Olof Palme outside the theater where the Swedish leader saw a movie before he was shot.

The prosecution contends the defendant, Christer Pettersson, followed Palme from the theater and shot him on Feb. 28, 1986.

Pettersson, a drug and alcohol abuser with a previous manslaughter conviction, has maintained he is innocent.

Roger Ostlund, 40, testified that he went into the theater lobby to make a telephone call when he saw spotted Pettersson, whom he knew, outside.

″I was just about to call when I saw Christer,″ Ostlund said. ″I leaned out the door and wanted to talk with him, but he made a rejecting motion and then I thought, something’s odd here.″

Under questioning by defense attorney Arne Liljeros, Ostlund said he had taken drugs that morning and drank wine in the afternoon. ″I was a bit tired″ that evening, he said.

Ostlund said, however, he was ″absolutely sure″ he saw Pettersson, who has maintained he was not in the area that night. Ostlund said he knew Pettersson from various prisons where they both served sentences.

Another prosecution witness, Pia Engstrom, testified seeing Ostlund at the theater on the same night she saw Palme and his wife there.

Palme’s widow, Lisbeth, identified Pettersson in court on Monday as the man she saw a few feet away immediately after her husband was shot.

After today’s testimony the trial was adjourned until next week.

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