1. Lubbock, TX

November 9, 2018

Photo Credit: J. G. Domke / Alamy Stock Photo

Percent of workers who live <10 min. from work: 18.8%Mean one-way commute: 16.3 minutesCommuter profile: Car: 93.6%, Public transit: 0.4%, Walk: 2.1%, Bicycle: 0.4%Median home value: $138,000Median rent (2br): $870

Lubbock is located in North Texas and is the 11th largest city in the state. With close to 20 percent of its workers living within 10 minutes from work, Lubbock has the most residents living close to their jobs than any large city in the country. Lubbock is known for natural landmarks such as the Guadalupe Mountains, Caprock Canyon, and the Lubbock Area Grotto, which residents can explore year-round due to the city’s mild weather. Only 0.4 percent of commuters use public transit, the lowest percentage on this list.

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