Three city businesses appeal property tax assessments

November 7, 2018

KANKAKEE — Three Kankakee businesses — including the Daily Journal — are appealing their property tax assessments.

A successful appeal would result in a lower assessed valuation and result in lower property taxes.

In addition to the Daily Journal, property owners appealing the assessments are the owners of the Shoppes at Meadowview and Riverwoods Preservation. Riverwoods’ is the ownership of Riverwoods Apartments, 300 E. River St.

At Monday night’s Kankakee City Council meeting, the council voted to intervene in the pending assessment appeals.

The appeals will be heard before the three-member Kankakee County Board of Review. The cases are expected to be heard before year’s end.

Appeals of property assessments are not uncommon. Kankakee has been faced with objections to property assessments on numerous occasions throughout the past 20 years.

Many of the objections have come from large employers.

While some organizations often appeal their assessments, this marks the first time the Daily Journal has filed an appeal.

Concerning the Daily Journal, Rob Small, president and CEO of the Small Newspaper Group, the owner of the local newspaper, said the company was only appealing the assessments on its downtown Kankakee properties.

“For our downtown property we are looking for a reduction. We are continuing to remain invested in downtown Kankakee,” he said. “We are proud to support the community since the 1950s with this building, but for the sake of fairness, we would like a re-appraisal.”

After Monday’s Kankakee City Council meeting, Kankakee Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong said the city corporate counsel is looking into the matter. She said the city’s intervention in these cases is its way of protecting the city.

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