Orchids and Onions: Monday, October 1, 2018

October 1, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Frontier Concrete, for excellent service in pouring my concrete pad for my gazebo and the walkway.

Orchids to Mark and Tiles and Carpets Unlimited. He was so caring and informative! His team of Miguel and Dave worked great laying our four rooms of carpet.

Orchids to Connie of Car Toys car wash. Whatever the task, she gives her best effort.

Onions to people who drive too fast in parking lots. Slow down, you idiots.

Orchids to the doctors and nurses at Urgent Care on Kiowa; Mary Ann, Mary, and Becky were awesome. The best doctor and nurse care I have ever had.

Orchids to Tristate Pain Management Dr. Diep, understanding, pleasant, and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Onions to the doctor who was the rudest I have ever been treated by, from entering and talking. Don’t worry, I will never be back.

Onions to a crazy driver. Driving down McCulloch mid-morning, to my right on Bermuda were two or three cars lined up at the stop sign to make a turn. Out of the blue, a crazy lady in a gray SUV goes full steam around the cars waiting to turn and heads for me. I swerved to the left and she missed me. Unreal. God was with me.

Orchids to Breslyn and Olivia for working so hard in school. Also to your teachers for your patience. And finally to their parents for your dedication to overseeing their homework and enforcing daily reading time.

Onions to Lake Havasu City gas prices. Drive over to Bullhead and the same companies sell gas for 29 cents less.

Orchids to the person who was so kind to pay my veterinary bill since I didn’t have enough to pay them. I pray someday I will be able to help someone as you helped me. God bless and thank you.

Onions to the sociopath who cleaned out her son’s bank account.

Orchids to the classy difference the Hampton Inn has made. I hope other hotels follow suit and renovate themselves classily, not cold and cheap.

Onions to parents with screwy priorities. Spend $300 on your kid’s dental work. You don’t need to buy expensive coffee every day, carry a Coach purse and drive a big honkin’ SUV. Saying you can’t afford $300 is outrageous.

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