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Highlights of Starr Testimony

November 20, 1998

Highlights from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in its inquiry into grounds for impeaching President Clinton:

_Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr said in his opening statement that the president ``repeatedly tried to thwart the legal process″ and ``misused his authority and power as president, and contravened his duty to faithfully execute the laws.″

_Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall, and Starr sparred for over an hour on issues ranging from Starr’s knowledge of attempts to engage Miss Lewinsky in a wire-tapping operation to media leaks from the Office of Independent Counsel.

_Starr said the law would allow for Clinton to be prosecuted after he leaves office.

_Starr said he found insufficient evidence of any impeachable offenses in the Whitewater land scheme, the White House Travel Office firings and the gathering of FBI files inside the White House.

_Democrats questioned Starr about what they said was inappropriate treatment of Monica Lewinsky, grand jury leaks, his own private law clients and other matters. He agreed to provide a list of clients from his former law firm.

_Starr steadfastly defended the impeachment referral sent to Congress by his office in September. ``I stand behind it because it is mine,″ he said.

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