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BC-Entries Aqueduct

March 28, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$45,000, st stk, 4YO up F&M, 7f.<

Belle Gallantey Stakes

Not About the Nail;122;Hashtag Selfie;124
Stella B.;118;Ola Gatita;118
To the Flag;122;Flashndynamite;122

2nd_$55,000, st stk, 4YO up F&M, 6f.<

Videogenic Stakes

Timely Tradition;124;Summer Punch;124
Bow Town Cat;124;Elizabeth Nicole;120
Stars Wilburn;122;Archumybaby;122
Miss Jak;124

3rd_$45,000, st stk, 4YO up, 7f.<

Dads Caps Stakes

Colonel Canuck;120;Hamptons Holiday;124
Samadi Sky;118;Whateveryouwant;122
Its All Relevant;122;Runabout;118
Watch My Dust;122;Orpheus;118
Big Thicket;124

4th_$70,000, st stk, 4YO up, 6½f.<

Peeping Tom Stakes

Win With Pride;124;I’m an Ocala Dude;118
Deep Sea;124;Aristocratic;120
Formal Start;124;Manifest Destiny;118
Lazarus Project;118;Bon Raison;124

5th_$60,000, st stk, 4YO up F&M, 1mi.<

Sis City Stakes

Mia Bella Rossa;122;Sarah’s Treasure;122
Elegant Jem;124;Honey Graeme;118
Miss Loyalty;118;Daria’s Angel;124
Promise Me Roses;118;Dancingwthdaffodls;118

6th_$55,000, st stk, 4YO up, 6f.<

Kelly Kip Stakes

Trusting Friend;124;Professor Snape;124
H Man;124;Missle Bomb;122
Will Did It;118;Truly a Moon Shot;120
Two Putt;124;Malibu Action;122
O Shea Can U See;124;Sol the Freud;118

7th_$75,000, st stk, 4YO up F&M, 6½f.<

Xtra Heat Stakes

Wildcat Belle;124;Mo Flash;122
Gypsy Janie;118;Hay Field;124
Lady by Choice;124;Clairvoyant Lady;120
Lady Vicki;124;Oxhilirating;124
No Deal;120

8th_$60,000, st stk, 4YO up, 1mi.<

More To Tell Stakes

King Koa;124;Daddy D T;118
No Distortion;120;Holy Week;124
Vicar’s Legend;118;Candy Promises;118
Potomac;120;Dattt Melody;124
Felix in Fabula;118;Fiery Opal;124
Haul Anchor;124

9th_$75,000, st stk, 4YO up, 13/8mi.<

Stud Muffin Stakes

Cause I’m Alex;124;Turco Bravo;118
Dynamax Prime;124;Devine Dental;124
Let Me Go First;118;Ro Bear;118
Colonel Juan;124;Broadway Bay;124

10th_$80,000, st stk, 4YO up, 7f.<

Caixa Eletronica Stakes

American Power;120;Still Krz;120
Mr. Brix;124;G Zap;124
Rockinn On Bye;124;Mr. Dougie Fresh;124
Sudden Surprise;124;Candid Desire;124
Coltandmississippi;118;Have Another;118

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