Moron of the Morning: Man Jumps Off Overpass To Avoid DUI Checkpoint

September 23, 2018

Early last Thursday morning, a Chinese man was driving down an expressway in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province when he saw police stopping cars ahead of him for a sobriety test.

Apparently hoping to avoid getting into trouble with the law, the man abandoned his van on the side of an exit, dashed across the highway, and hopped over the median, attempting to find a way out of this predicament. After failing to catch a cab, the man decided that the only thing to do was to jump down from the overpass.

And that’s where police found him, with a broken leg. The man explained to one officer that he had been drinking the night before and was worried that the alcohol would register in the test. However, at the hospital, he was found to have a BAC of zero.


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