Holiday blood drive held in Beatrice

January 3, 2019

The Red Cross Blood Mobile held it’s Holiday Blood Drive on Dec. 27. This blood drive was sponsored by the Red Cross and KWBE Radio. We fell a little short of our goal this drive, but with all of the illness and weather we are very happy with the amount that was given.

We want to thank all of the people that have been dedicated volunteers with helping through the year. To all of the people that come to work in the canteen, the registration desk, and the escorts. If you would like to help, please call one of the co-ordinators and we will gladly accept you into the group that comes to help us with the drives through out the year. Thanks to the businesses that donate the donuts and to the extension clubs that donate the cookies.

People that received gallon pins this drive were: First time donors: Brian Daubendick, Traci Russell, Kristana Hawkins, Oran Obering, Lois Lampe, Camden Parde, Julie Thornburg, and Lani Cline. We hope that these donors will become regulars at our drives.

One Gallon pins: Matt Brott, Rodney Aden, Allen Strader, Connie Heidbrink, Three Gallon: Neil Winkle, Brad Belcher, Four Gallon, Lori Kunc. Five Gallon: Stacy Damme .Alecia Ebling Six Gallon : Steve Krause, Tim Gorake, Seven Gallon: Rick Timmerman. Eight Gallon: Nick Vritska. Ten Gallon: Larry Henke. Sixteen Gallon: Leon Hagen. and Twenty Gallon: Gerald Kempf. A very big THANK YOU goes out to all of the donors that came out to this drive to “give the Gift of Life”

Our next drive will be on Feb. 26-27. Please come out and join us and become a regular donor.

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