Plan promises to cut property taxes while fully funding schools

September 8, 2018

LINCOLN - The Nebraskans United coalition is preparing to release a proposal that promises to adequately fund K-12 education while also providing property tax relief.

Coalition member and Nebraska Farmers Union president John Hansen says the group is made up of leaders in agriculture, education and public interest.

“We’ve updated the proposal that we had last year and we’re working out some of the different revenue amounts for some of the different options we’re thinking about including,” Hansen says. “So, we’re trying to work out those final details.”

Hansen says they want to improve on a bill that failed to pass in the last legislative session, LB-1084 from Senator Tom Briese of Albion.

“1084 did broaden the sales tax base and increased the sales tax rate along with a bunch of elimination of business incentives and income tax exemptions,” Hansen says. “We are trying to find a more appropriate revenue fix for how to pay for K-12 education.”

Hansen says members of the coalition plan to lobby legislators this month.

“We’ll start meeting with senators and begin the process of taking our proposal out for a spin and see what folks say about it,” he says, “both elected officials as well as other organizational partners.”

Hansen says the only way to fix the education funding problem and high property taxes is to address the revenue issue.

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