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Stacks of 15-year-old Undelivered Mail Found

March 19, 1994

CHICAGO (AP) _ Several hours after a stack of undelivered mail was found burning on a footpath, a cache of 20,000 pieces of mail from the 1970s was discovered, postal officials reported.

In both cases, most of the mail was junk mail, officials said Friday.

The discoveries are the latest in a series of embarrassments that is bringing Postmaster General Marvin Runyon to Chicago on Monday at the request of Illinois’ U.S. senators.

Last month, 40,000 pieces of 2-month-old, undelivered mail, mostly first- class, was found in a letter carrier’s delivery truck.

Joseph Caraveo, the postal service’s chief executive officer in Chicago, said the latest discoveries of undelivered mail are ″totally unrelated″ to each other.

The burning mail was discovered by police officers on patrol near a South Side park.

The other mail, from the 1970s, was found about two miles away. Postal officials did not say who found this batch or where it was discovered.

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