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‘Indecent Proposal,’ Madonna, Burt Reynolds Dubbed Hollywood’s Worst With PM-Oscars, Bjt

March 21, 1994

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Madonna and Burt Reynolds took the top Razzie dis-honors in the annual celebration of the worst of Hollywood.

The 14th Annual Razzie Awards on Sunday poked fun at a variety of worst- picture contenders, including ″Body of Evidence,″ ″Cliffhanger,″ ″Last Action Hero″ and ″Sliver.″

But the loudest Bronx cheer by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation was reserved for ″Indecent Proposal,″ voted ″Tinsel Town’s top cinematic underachiever″ by 355 people from 30 states and seven nations.

″Indecent Proposal″ was also singled out in the worst supporting actor and worst screenplay categories.

The awards, always presented the day before the Oscars, are organized each year by John Wilson, a Los Angeles-area writer for movie advertising trailers and TV commercials.

‴Indecent Proposal’ hits on all the basic Razzie cylinders - big budget, big stars, big box office grosses, major studio - it was a turkey, a truly horrendous film,″ said Wilson.

Nominees and winners never show up for the 45-minute insult-a-thon, which took place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. If a ″winner″ wants a trophy, as past champ Bill Cosby did, he or she gets a golfball-sized raspberry atop a film reel that is spray-painted gold and worth about $1.97.

Repeat offender Madonna was picked worst actress for her work in ″Body of Evidence″ and Reynolds was worst actor for his ″flat-footed, half-witted″ portrayal in ″Cop and a Half.″

Woody Harrelson was the worst supporting actor selection for his role in ″Indecent Proposal″ and Faye Dunaway’s role in ″The Temp″ got the worst supporting actress Razzie.

Janet Jackson was picked worst new star for ″Poetic Justice,″ Jennifer Chambers Lynch was the foundation’s worst director pick for ″Boxing Helena.″ ″Indecent Proposal″ writer Amy Holden Jones got worst screenplay and ″Addams Family (Whoomp 3/8 There It Is 3/8)″ from ″Addams Family Values″ was picked worst original song.

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