Santa’s helpers at the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office working to return unclaimed property

December 23, 2018

LINCOLN - Short on holiday cash? Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg has a suggestion.

Stenberg says, “We’ve got some Santa helpers working in the treasurer’s office this time of year. We are encouraging Nebraskans to perhaps give themselves a Christmas present by checking with the Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property and you can do that an online at treasurer.nebraska.gov.”

The state is holding $170 million that belongs to 350,000 Nebraskans. This year alone they returned $13 million to 15,000 Nebraskans. In Stenberg’s eight years in office, the Treasurer’s office has returned $96 million to 126,000 Nebraskans.

Stenberg says, “Unclaimed property could come from un-cashed paychecks, forgotten bank accounts, from rental deposits or utility deposits that were never returned. Life insurance benefits sometimes where the beneficiary couldn’t be found. We hold all of those, except for stocks, as cash.”

If the amount the state is holding is under $500, Stenberg says you can submit a claim online. If it is over $500, you need to do some paperwork and get it notarized and provide proof of ownership.

Nebraskans can search for unclaimed property year-round.

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