Bible college set to open doors in W. Glacier

August 19, 2018

Following months of planning and construction, Glacier Bible College will open its doors at the end of this month to students from around the country who will embark on a one-year educational experience with the aim of preparing them to transition from high school to college from a faith-based perspective.

Located in West Glacier, the college comprises various biblical, theological and life-skills classes taught by professors with diverse backgrounds whose central goal is to equip young adults with the education and foundation they might need in order to stand firm in their faith as they move forward.

“What we’ve seen in the church more recently have been students that go to college and can’t defend their faith,” said Director Dean Landis. “We want to show young people they can count on the Bible to give them an accurate assessment of the world and don’t have to bow to other views.”

With a bachelor’s degree in theology from Colorado Christian University and 35 years of experience in camp work, Landis said he is probably one of the least qualified leaders on his team.

Landis will join his fellow teachers, including Dan Celia, Mike Marrs, Paul Benware and a host of others, in teaching classes on finances, marriage and family, worldview and more.

“It’s really a smorgasbord of classes that we think students need today to prepare them for the world that we live in,” Landis said.

Interspersed between classes each semester are opportunities for students to partake in geology fieldtrips to Mt. St. Helens, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Mexico with an optional trip to Israel at the end of the year in May.

According to Landis, the purpose of the trips is to take a look at well-known geological features from a creationist perspective in order to root students in a worldview that he believes to be increasingly unpopular in today’s modern culture.

“We believe there is a God, and he communicated through his world,” Landis said. “It comes down to presuppositions.”

The college will welcome its first class to campus August 24, but Landis said there is still room and time for last minute registrations.

To view a complete course schedule or to register for classes online, visit https://glacierbiblecollege.org/.

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