Accountability: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 2, 2018

BROWNSVILLE - Somewhere in Cameron County tonight there is a victim of domestic abuse.

And Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz will be highlighting one of the most common crimes here on the border all throughout October with a message of prevention as Domestic Violence Awareness Month arrived Monday.

“ What I tell people is I’m a prosecutor. By the time I show up in court the damage had been done. The kids have already witnessed daddy getting arrested. The victims already been beaten up,” Saenz said, standing outside of the DA’s Office on a Thursday afternoon. “The damage to the family unit has already occurred. All I do, really, is ask for the jury to hold him accountable.”

That same afternoon, Cameron County maintenance workers hung a large banner outside the DA’s Office that says, unmasking domestic abuse.

The banner shows an image of a girl’s eye peering through a tear in a photo and the girl rips that photo of a man and a woman apart. This piece of artwork was the winning piece submitted to the Cameron County District Attorney Office’s Domestic Abuse Awareness art show from last year.

“ It’s outstanding and it’s incredible how they are able to depict some of these scenes that you know the only reason they can depict it is because they witnessed it. They’ve experienced it. They’ve heard about it,” Saenz said.

Throughout the month, Saenz said his office will be out in force throughout the community raising awareness to unmask domestic abuse and to talk about preventing it.

“ So we go to the schools and do a lot of outreach in trying to change the conduct, trying to keep it from happening because that’s what the real solution is,” Saenz said.

The DA’s Office will conclude with an event at Texas Southmost College.

“ We have an event this year at the college. We partnered with TSC in putting on this event. We have an expert come talk to the community. We have victims come talk to the community and share their experiences,” Saenz said.

And, there’s also the art show.

“ We have an art show that you’ve got to come see,” Saenz said. “These are high school kids that enter a contest to depict domestic violence.”

One of them will be featured on next year’s banner.


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