SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ Under strong international pressure, Bosnian Serbs have removed a brick wall they put up to protest the arrest of a Serb accused of killing a Bosnian Muslim official.

The wall was erected Tuesday in the Sarajevo suburb of Lukavica, near the border between Bosnian Serb and Muslim-Croat Federation territory, to protest against the recent arrest of Goran Vasic by Federation police.

Elisabeth Rehn, the new U.N. chief in Bosnia, removed the first brick Wednesday from the 30-foot-long wall, asking a crowd of 200 to follow her example. She said bricks should be used to build up houses rather than ``walls between us.''

An hour later, under close watch by peacekeepers and U.N. police, the crowd removed the wall.

The Serbs came under heavy pressure to pull down the wall because it was obstructing freedom of movement, a key provision of the Dayton peace accord.

Vasic is accused of killing Bosnian deputy prime minister Hakija Turajlic in January 1993 when he tried to pass through a Serb checkpoint in a U.N. vehicle.