James Gray and Tonya Krueger: Recognizing a new class of Havasu’s brightest

September 28, 2018

Bright Future encourages market disruption through innovation, which is the key to community and economic growth.

By recognizing and honoring a new class of leaders, we become transparent in our effort to cultivate the human capital we have while also inspiring the generations of tomorrow who will bring diversity and passion to the community we share.

This year’s group of celebrated leaders offers an opportunity to appreciate the next cohort of leaders as cultural definers, wealth creators, and articulated professionals who will continue to push our community forward.

These leaders are invested in their passion while also leading through modeled experiences.

In addition to their professional affiliations, this group of leaders are committed to our community and are sowing the seeds of sustainability by volunteering in civic and social organizations, participating in community events, and raising families.

Bright Future is just one example of how utilizing a creative approach in community development can have a long-lasting impact on our collective future.

It is with sheer enthusiasm that we ask this group of leaders to make an impact this year, to push the boundaries of their comfort and continue to be involved and lead by example. In this spirit, our community will truly benefit.

James Gray is executive director and Tonya Krueger is associate director of the Partnership for Economic Development.

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