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‘Really Boss, I’m Just Trying to Save The Company Money ...’

October 27, 1995

SEATTLE (AP) _ Executives at Westin and Hyatt hotels say hotel managers will be encouraged to honor any reasonable excuse for cutting short a stay, and thus avoiding new fees for reserving rooms but leaving early.

Both Hyatt’s Carrie Reckert and Westin’s Don Welsh didn’t want to be pinned down on what constitutes a good excuse, saying hotel staff need the latitude to deal with a variety of situations. But they offered some general guidelines:

_Guest has medical, personal or family emergency: No problem.

_Guest’s company has business crisis or other emergency: Penalty unlikely. ``If it’s outside the control of an individual or company, we would be very conciliatory toward the guest’s needs,″ Welsh said.

_Guest doesn’t like the room: Hotel staff would do their best to fix the specific problem, Welsh said.

_Guest wants to leave early, but gives notice well in advance: If there are several days of lead time, probably no penalty, Reckert said.

_Boss wants guest to stop loafing around hotel, hit the road, get to work: If it’s ``an arbitrary change of venue based on business needs,″ that’s a business decision and the fee undoubtedly would apply, Welsh said.