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Juror Prospect Calls Nicole Simpson ‘Flirt,’ Says She ‘Deserved It’

October 8, 1996

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) _ The jury candidate wasn’t too impressed with Nicole Brown Simpson. But murder?

``She was a flirt. She deserved it,″ the man wrote on his questionnaire in the wrongful death trial against O.J Simpson.

Pressed by an attorney Tuesday on what ``it″ was, the candidate, an Asian man in his 30s, gave a variety of responses, settling on the suggestion Ms. Simpson deserved some sort of response from her former husband when she had sex with another man.

``If anybody comes home and sees his wife doing what she was doing, he would be angry and she would be yelled at,″ the juror prospect told plaintiff lawyer Daniel Petrocelli.

And as for Ms. Simpson’s oft-broadcast 911 call for police help, the juror candidate said: ``I don’t think she was in great distress.″

The prospect, who was dismissed by the judge, was one of the rare candidates to criticize one of the victims in the June 12, 1994, murders of Ms. Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

When such criticism does come, it is directed at Ms. Simpson, with comments about her alleged wild lifestyle and propensity to push Simpson’s emotional buttons. One prospect said he felt that former police detective Mark Fuhrman may even have been having an affair with Ms. Simpson.

Goldman has yet to be criticized at all, although one prospect said he’d heard that Goldman may have been the intended target.

The comments Tuesday about Ms. Simpson came as jury selection crept into a fourth week, with just five more candidates getting approval and six dismissed by day’s end. The pool stood at 93, with the judge trying to get about 100 before launching more detailed questioning of the jurors next week.

One person who had earlier been accepted as a potential juror _ a black woman who indicated Simpson was ``probably not guilty″ _ was dismissed Tuesday on a hardship request after saying she needed to find work.

The juror candidate who criticized Ms. Simpson made reference to the episode in which Simpson, looking through his former wife’s window, saw her having sex with another man on the couch.

Simpson later confronted his former wife, crashing through her back door and screaming obscenities. Much of this was recorded when Ms. Simpson called police.

John Kelly, an attorney for Ms. Simpson’s estate _ a plaintiff in the case _ questioned the prospect on the suggestion that Ms. Simpson brought on some of this herself.

``I think it’s fair to say that you don’t have a very high opinion of her?″ Kelly asked.

``Correct,″ the candidate said.

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