Tom Ostrom: We already had a flawed, problematic president

October 4, 2018

What a narcissistic, deceptive, divisive U.S. president we have had. A president with narcissistic tendencies, selective memory and speeches saturated with “me,” “I” and “we” references.

He has attacked critical media, accuses others of doing what he has done, and has divided the nation into antagonistic, sometime violent groups.

Does this describe President Trump, or former President Barack Hussein Obama, who returned to the campaign trail, upending the historical tradition of former presidents not criticizing successors?

Barack Obama’s popularity has been sustained by his acclaimed charm, oratorical skills, compliant media and American pride in electing the first African-American president.

Admittedly, President Trump has been hurt by his usually effective but sometimes harmful tweets, and problematic aides found guilty of amorphous machinations.

Democrats are trying to prevent President Trump’s order to declassify documents that prove FBI, Justice Department and intelligence community intrusions into and attempts to thwart the Trump campaign agenda and presidency, a process initiated by Obama-era bureaucrats.

Breitbart reporter John Nolte cited an IBD/TIPP poll showing “Americans believe the Obama administration improperly surveilled” the Trump presidential campaign.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, found in contempt of Congress for covering up Justice Department scandals, admitted he was his president’s “wing man.” Obama moles are still doing damage.

Obama has not been held accountable for foreign policy mistakes, or his weak and apologetic “lead from behind” national posture, or his failures as a “community organizer,” state lawmaker, and president to address the horrible poverty, gang violence, and murder rate in his native Chicago.

Recall our former president’s admonition to “get in your opponent’s face” and “if they bring a knife, bring a gun,” and his description of rural pro-Trump voters as “clinging to their Bibles and guns.” The Democrat Saul Alinsky smear campaign tactic used against Judge Robert Bork, led by allegedly pro-woman exemplar Sen. Ted Kennedy, and the failed attempt to slime now-Justice Clarence Thomas is on full display in the disgraceful hit-job attempt on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Obama’s vice president, Sen. Joe Biden, surfaced on the campaign trail emulating Hillary Clinton’s damaging campaign remarks insulting Trump supporters as “deplorables.” Todd Starnes of townhall.com quoted Biden at a Human Rights Campaign dinner, saying Trump and his supporters represent “forces of intolerance … virulent people … some of them the dregs of society.” Biden-Obama-Hillary forces have, in fact, led “the forces of intolerance” of intellectual and political diversity, and have been agents of divisiveness and hate, in my humble opinion.

Obama takes credit for the historic economic recovery stimulated by President Trump’s tax cuts and federal deregulation, asserting, “Don’t forget when the recovery started.”

Obama’s criticism of law enforcement and attempts to downplay Islamic terrorism constituted a threat to American safety and national security. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton facilitated the selling of uranium to Russia. Obama promised a Russian official “after my election” to be more accommodating to Vladimir Putin.

Then there was the Benghazi tragedy that Obama officials lied about; the IRS scandals that Obama claimed “not a smidgen of evidence” for; and the dangerous, bribe-induced Iran nuclear deal.

Jack Hellner of americanthinker.com chronicled the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign contributions for the fictitious documents given to the FISA court that fueled the plans to discredit and take down President Trump.

A compliant media has not adequately covered those events, nor expressed sufficient outrage at what Paul Bedard (Washington Examiner) chronicled about how Obama “prosecuted and gave lie detector tests to staff leakers,” manipulated media coverage, and spied on and intimidated critical reporters, and what New York Times editor Margaret Sullivan called Obama’s “unprecedented secrecy and attacks” on the press.

As Fox commentator and former prosecutor Judge Jeanine Pirro put it, “Thank you, Barack. Your (and I’d add Hillary Clinton’s lies and coverups and) policies and divisiveness elected Donald Trump.”

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