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Hanks Is Rock Star Wannabe

March 22, 2002

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Colin Hanks is a rock star wannabe.

``I play bass guitar,″ the 24-year-old actor told reporters, ``and I played in bands in high school and in college. ... `Almost Famous’ is one of my all-time favorite movies.″

But Hanks has no plans for a dual career, like his ``Orange County″ co-star Jack Black, who has his own band, Tenacious D.

``I’m fascinated by that world,″ he said. ``(But) some things are better as dreams. I live vicariously through Jack. That’s what I’m doing. I’d much rather just be fascinated by it than try and make an attempt at it.″

Hanks said he sang Tenacious D songs on the set of ``Orange County,″ and that Black invited him to go on the road with the band.

The actor said Black told him, ```You can just hang out. ... You can see how boring it is.‴


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