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Lawsuits likely when Keys stop issuing new building permits

February 23, 2019

MIAMI (AP) — The Florida Keys will likely face a deluge of lawsuits when it stops issuing new building permits in 2023.

The decades-old mandate was aimed at controlling development in the environmentally sensitive island chain and to ensure that tourists and residents could quickly evacuate during a hurricane.

But Monroe County has 6,000 and 10,000 undeveloped lots. The Miami Herald reports that property owners are likely to sue the state when they either can’t build what they want or don’t receive what they consider fair compensation from the state.

A bill was filed in the Legislature this week that would make counties and municipalities equally as liable as the state if the property owners win.

Monroe County attorneys crafted the bill with the hopes of limiting their liability. The bill calls for an automatic 50/50 split with the state.


Information from: The Miami Herald, http://www.herald.com