After nearly being ousted, pygmy goats pose for holiday photos

December 16, 2018

Dressed in Christmas sweaters and hats, the three pygmy goats were ready for their closeups as they posed for Christmas photos at Nana’s Main Street Cottage.

The three pygmy goats were nearly kicked out of the store earlier this year after a neighbor complained to the city that the goats were a nuisance.

In August, the Tomball City Council voted to reclassify pygmy goats as pets instead of livestock animals.

On Saturday, Dec. 15, one of the goats, Casper, wore a green sweater, a red hat and socks while being led around the shop’s back yard on a leash by Dan Howes, one of the shop’s owners.

“More people come by and they’re showing a lot of interest,” he said.

Kayla Banks, of Spring, brought her two children James, 3 and Macie, 1, to take photos with at the shop on Saturday.

After stopping by the store earlier in December, she learned about the John Deere tractor theme the shop had set up for Christmas photos.

“That’s a goat. You want to go see?” Banks said when she saw Macie point to the pen in the back yard where the other two goats, Hershey and Ramsey, played.

Since the ordinance passed, more visitors have come by the store to pet the three goats, the pet bunny Ruby and also feed the koi fish in a small pond in the backyard.

“People come and visit them. Everyone’s loving them,” said Ann Howes, Dan’s wife and co-owner of the antique store.

Emperatriz Salgado, of Tomball, stood in line with her children to take Christmas photos as Dan walked Casper the goat near them.

Her son, Jase Carbajal, 4, nodded when he was asked if he wanted to pet Casper and quickly patted him.

Salgado said she liked going to antique shops and wanted to take the first Christmas photos with her daughter Nadia Carbajal, 11 months.

“I saw the little set up and it was really cute. I think I might be back this week,” she said.

Darryl Romero, Dan and Ann’s son-in-law, dressed up as Santa Claus for photos and sat behind a green painted box to pose for photos with families along with Casper.

Dan said that while the goats aren’t used to wearing clothing, they don’t seem to mind as long as they are getting treats and being pet by visitors.

“A goat’s gotta do what a goat’s gotta do,” he said.

Standing next to him, Casper munched on hay.

Nana’s Main Street Cottage will also host Christmas photos on Saturday, Dec. 22. For more information, call 832-639-8528.


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