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Quotes from the O.J. Simpson Case

August 24, 1995

Selected quotes from the O.J. Simpson case Wednesday:

Defense attorney Barry Scheck: ``Dr. Lee, if we assume that these parallel-line imprint patterns come from a shoe ... I think you’ve told us they are not consistent with the Bruno Magli or Mr. Goldman’s shoe, correct?″

Forensics specialist Henry Lee: ``Yes.″ _ Exchange concerning possibility of another set of shoe prints at the Bundy crime scene, since an apparent pattern matched neither the shoes worn by victim Ronald Goldman or Bruno Magli shoes, which prosecutors contend were worn by Simpson.

Scheck: ``Dr. Lee, in your experience at crime scenes, have you ever seen a single assailant wear two pairs of shoes?″

Lee: ``No.″ _ Exchange over improbability of the killer wearing unmatched shoes.

Superior Court Judge Lance Ito: ``Have you ever been to a Gallagher show?″

Scheck: ``Doesn’t he use more props?″

Ito: ``We’re getting close.″ _ Comments on Lee’s blood splatter demonstration and comparing it to the comedian Gallagher, who smashes watermelons and forces his audience to hold up plastic sheets for protection.

Scheck: ``Now, Dr. Lee, looking at the bloodstain patterns and the impression evidence in this closed-in area, is it consistent with a prolonged struggle between Mr. Goldman and an assailant or assailants?″

Prosecutor Hank Goldberg: ``Vague as to prolonged, speculation, foundation.″

Ito: ``Sustained.″

Scheck: ``Is it consistent with a struggle?″ ...

Lee: ``Yes.″

Scheck: ``Can you tell how long that struggle took place?″ ...

Lee: ``I cannot tell you exactly how long. It’s not a short struggle.″

Scheck: ``And the basis for saying not a short struggle has to do with what?″

Lee: ``A step pattern with deposit of the key, beeper in different location, the bloodstain smears, contact pattern on dirt and boots, and vertical drop lay in different location which shows a movement.″ _ Exchange over the struggle between Goldman and his killer.

``The best analogy I can give it to you is if I order _ I go to a restaurant, order a dish of spaghetti. While I’m eating the spaghetti, I found one cockroach. I look at it, I found another cockroach. It’s no sense for me to go through the whole plate of spaghetti and say there are 13.325 cockroaches. If you found one, it’s there. It’s a matter of whether or not present or absent.″ _ Lee, explaining why he did not count all the little red balls he found on a sock recovered from the foot of Simpson’s bed.

``When I walk in, I can see this feeling I’m not welcome.″ _ Lee, describing how he felt when he first went to examine the socks at a police crime lab.

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