Moms, grads celebrate together at UNC

May 12, 2019

With graduation day for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill falling on Mother’s Day, thousands of families had two things to celebrate.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, many of the grads were proud to walk across the stage and accept a diploma in front of their No. 1 fan: Mom.

“It’s just really great because these are the people who got me through college and really supported me and got me to college, and so to be able to celebrate it on a day where we are also celebrating them is really great,” said Hannah Strickland.

Zipporah McNeil, a first-generation college student, had a surprise planned for her mother.

“We’re going out to eat, and I’m dedicating my cap to her,” she said.

Her mother, Stacey McNeil, said, “I am full of joy. This is wonderful. I’m glad my baby graduated on Mother’s Day. It’s a gift for me.”

Tracy Gilchrist was another mom celebrating her day alongside the accomplishment of a child. “It makes me proud. I’m blessed. I’m very thankful and grateful,” she said.