Former VP of bank pleads guilty to embezzlement

March 14, 2019

A former vice president for Texas Community Bank in Brownsville pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing and embezzling money belonging to bank customers.

Authorities said while employed as vice president of the bank, Maria de Los Angeles Caballero, 69, also known as Angie Caballero, embezzled more than $1.5 million from bank customers for about seven years.

Caballero appeared before U.S. District Judge Rolando Olvera where she entered a guilty plea to theft/embezzlement of bank funds, theft of funds by a bank employee and aggravated identity theft, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas stated in a press release.

According to the USAO, Caballero withdrew funds from two customers’ accounts without permission. From one account she ordered blank checks and then forged the customer’s signature. She filled out amounts and then deposited the checks into a Wells Fargo account under the names of two of her relatives.

Authorities said they found 24 checks she had forged.

Caballero also ordered and signed two cashier’s checks which she deposited into her relative’s account at Wells Fargo Bank.

Caballero, a permanent legal resident living in Brownsville, will be sentenced on June 12. She faces up to 30 years in prison as well as a $1 million fine. The identity theft also carries a mandatory 24 months which must be served consecutively to any other term imposed, the USAO said.

The government is going to try to obtain restitution for the affected bank customers.